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The Hamptons / The Grange / Glastonbury / Granville / Cameron Heights – New Neighbourhoods Issues

When I walk around these newer areas of ward 5 and talk to the residents, I am constantly amazed at the number of young families that call this area home.  For most young families, a great place to live and raise our children – a place we call home, whether we own or rent – includes certain common factors.  Safety, of course.  A great school nearby, within an easy drive, bussing or, better yet, bike-riding distance.  Parks for our kids to play in.  Somewhere our kids can burn some energy indoors – a pool or arena – during the long, …

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Rio Terrace / Laurier Heights / Patricia Heights – Neighbourhood Renewals

I grew up in Rio Terrace, I went to elementary school there and my parents still live there.  I used to ride my bicycle over the foot bridge to visit friends in Laurier and through the ravine from Patricia Heights to Westridge.   I enjoy door-knocking these areas as there are still a lot of people living there who know me and my family.  I even found two of my Ross Sheppard high school teachers in Rio Terrace, who remembered me a few weeks ago!

These are great neighbourhoods, the older ones in Ward 5.  They have a lot of similar …

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Ormsby – Traffic and Safety Issues

Every neighborhood has concerns that are specific to their area but that are also transferable to other neighborhoods of Ward 5.  I met with a group of concerned citizens of Ormsby at my campaign office a few days ago.  This meeting and the issue was carried on CBC.

Ian and Sally have been instrumental in addressing the  issue of unplanned through-traffic coming onto Ormsby Road East.  Over the past two years, hey have rallied the neighbors and have spent countless hours addressing this issues with the city.  Although the city discussed the issue with them, nothing to date has been …

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Westridge / Wolf Willow / Oleskiw / Country Club – River Valley Access Issue

I have spent over 50 hours door knocking these neighbourhoods and I have spoken to hundreds of residents.  As well, I have heard from many people in these areas through my website link.  As in other areas of Ward 5, they have diverse issues and concerns about their neighbourhood and about Edmonton in general.  I live in Westridge and have done so for the past 12 years, so I am keenly aware of the issues in this area.

Roads, roads, roads.  This issue is on the forefront of people’s minds across the Ward.  The city needs to do a …

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What To Expect

I will be posting blogs here on a regular basis on a variety of topics and issues.

I am currently visiting with literally thousands of people in Ward 5 and finding out what their concerns are in the ward and city wide.  I am also collecting issues via my page on my website.  I will then post blogs addressing many of these neighbourhood issues, as well as issues that are broader in scope.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me anytime.  I am here, listening.


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Why? Here’s Why!

Hi! My name is Jim, and I have the title of Campaign Manager on our team. I see myself as something of a servant leader, and here’s why I’m giving my all to the Michael Oshry Campaign.

Have you ever read about purple cow’s? The author Seth Godin talks about them. His point is that in a field of cows, seeing one that really stands out captures your interest enough that you might remark on it. The cow is ‘remarkable’ by definition. It can be something to rally around, and a real differentiator – it’s worth talking about, and …

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