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Emerging Economy Initiative: Survey

Share your experience of local business and entrepreneurship in Edmonton

I’m spearheading a new initiative through Edmonton City Council: the Emerging Economy Initiative. I’m trying to develop the mandate and direction for this project, and most importantly, to determine what supports are needed for Edmonton’s local business community.

Encompassing creative arts, makers, small- and medium-sized independent businesses, entrepreneurs from the Aboriginal and newcomer communities, Live Local and local sustainability advocates, products, services, and ideas rooted in this city: you are at the heart of the emerging economy.

Emerging Economy aims to work collaboratively with EEDC, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce,

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Aboriginal People Making an Impact in Edmonton: Recognizing Culture, Art, and Trade #yegcc #TRC

One year after the TRC concluded its hearings process here in Edmonton, there is an increasing awareness and visibility of the aboriginal contribution to our city – both past and present. While the process of true reconciliation is a multi-generational one, there are moments to celebrate as part of the anniversary of the TRC. Here are just a few examples from the last week:

Alex Janvier: Renowned local artist Alex Janvier has been awarded $700 000 commission for his piece “Tsa tsa ke k’e” (Iron Foot Place). The 150 square metre floor mosaic will be installed in

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Still a City. Still Champions. We Don’t Need a Sign to Tell Us Who We Are #yegcc #letitgo

Once more we are revisiting the issue of the entrance signs to our city. While the work of updating and replacing the signs will be co-ordinated over the next few years with the City’s corporate marketing strategy, in the meantime the slogan attached to them has to be reconsidered.

While the look of the signs themselves has sparked some debate, it is the slogan that provokes the most intense reactions – both for and against. I appreciate that you are passionate about the subject; I too, am passionate about Edmonton.

To clarify: the issue is not about coining a new

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Northlands: Re-visioning Rexall Place

I was recently appointed to the Northlands Board of Directors, as a representative of City Council. This new position has encouraged me to learn more about the history of the organization, its role in Edmonton’s development, and the evolving nature of the stadium now known as Rexall Place.

K-Days and the Canadian Finals Rodeo are the big show-stoppers on Northlands’ agenda, but their true home is at Rexall Place – the site of Edmonton’s various arenas in their many incarnations, including the Coliseum. But with the on-schedule construction at Rogers Place set to open the new downtown arena in 2016, …

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