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Vehicle For Hire Update – part deux #yegcc

The issue of private transportation providers (PTPs, or transportation network companies) and the challenges posed to our City’s bylaws and traditional taxi industry, has been under the microscope for nearly a year. Since last December, when app-based multi-national Uber began (illegal) operations in Edmonton, the City has been working with stakeholders on all sides of the issue to resolve concerns over insurance, licensing, and public safety. It has also re-examined the regulatory framework for taxis in order to approach a level playing field between taxis and PTPs.

The draft Vehicle For Hire Bylaw which as resulted from these considerations is …

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Photo Radar, Traffic Safety, and the Automated Enforcement Reserve: How it Works #yegcc


The topic of photo radar is always a heated one: while many people feel the sting of fines, others support the role enforcement plays in making our roads safer. But photo radar isn’t just a punishment for bad driving behaviour – the revenues generated go directly towards traffic safety and community programs through the Traffic Safety and Automated Enforcement Reserve.

The fund, established last year by Council, must have a minimum balance of 5% of actual Automated Enforcement Revenue (the amount generated by tickets and fines).


So if you’ve gotten a ticket, where does the money go?


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Street Noise and Amplifiers #yegcc

I recently put forward a motion to consider a bylaw limiting the use of amplifier equipment on sidewalks and public spaces for the purposes of preaching and other activities.

The City currently has no bylaw to deal with the excessive noise generated by amplifiers specifically. While the majority of people busking, preaching, or otherwise expressing themselves publicly do so with consideration for others, it is necessary to create a bylaw that gives the city some teeth on the really rare circumstances where they do not.

The Community Standards Bylaw states generally that “A person shall not cause or permit any

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