Lewis Farms Recreation Centre #yegcc #recthewest

The Design Stage for the new recreation centre is moving forward and through engagement with the community and partners like Edmonton Public Library and Edmonton Catholic Schools, the vision for the site is beginning to take shape.

The initial public consultations on the plans showed support for a multi-purpose recreation centre that could contain aquatic elements, indoor ice amenities, a fitness centre, multi-purpose spaces and gymnasia. An Edmonton Public Library branch and an Edmonton Catholic Schools academic centre are planned to be located with the centre. Outdoor park components will include sports fields, gathering spaces and walkways for the district …

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Removing the “City of Champions” Slogan and Why it Matters #yegcc


This was always going to be a difficult issue. Change is difficult, especially when it means letting go of  strongly held ideas, emotions, and memories. But removing the slogan from our city’s entrance signs  does not have to mean erasing the past, or disregarding our memories. The events of the past, and how  we as a community remember them, remain. This decision is not about taking that away. This is about  whether we should prioritize an outdated slogan which was never officially endorsed, and which has  brought no tangible benefit to our city.

Our city remains home to many …

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City Council cuts property tax increase

City Council has reduced the amount of the 2015 residential property tax increase by not using the full “education tax room” available, an option caused by the provincial education tax increasing less than the municipal portion of the residential property tax bill.

For homeowners, the average total property tax bill will increase by 2.4%, while non-residential properties will see the tax bill increase by an average of 7.6% — for a combined residential and non-residential increase of roughly 3.3%.


What is the education tax room?

For residential properties, about 30% of all property taxes collected by the City go …

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History and Community: McDougall United Church Decision Unites Public and Private Space #yegcc

Recently the provincial government committed $750 000 to fund essential repairs to the 105-year old McDougall Church. The City of Edmonton has proposed to contribute a further $500 000, subject to Council approval. After tumultuous months of uncertainty, it appears that this pledge could be enough to save the building in the short term – and hopefully spur a community-led movement to safeguard its long term future.

The funding commitment is contingent on the McDougall Church Trustees applying for historical designation for the site at both the provincial and municipal levels. This would mean that the building cannot be …

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Emerging Economy Initiative: Survey

Share your experience of local business and entrepreneurship in Edmonton

I’m spearheading a new initiative through Edmonton City Council: the Emerging Economy Initiative. I’m trying to develop the mandate and direction for this project, and most importantly, to determine what supports are needed for Edmonton’s local business community.

Encompassing creative arts, makers, small- and medium-sized independent businesses, entrepreneurs from the Aboriginal and newcomer communities, Live Local and local sustainability advocates, products, services, and ideas rooted in this city: you are at the heart of the emerging economy.

Emerging Economy aims to work collaboratively with EEDC, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce,

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Aboriginal People Making an Impact in Edmonton: Recognizing Culture, Art, and Trade #yegcc #TRC

One year after the TRC concluded its hearings process here in Edmonton, there is an increasing awareness and visibility of the aboriginal contribution to our city – both past and present. While the process of true reconciliation is a multi-generational one, there are moments to celebrate as part of the anniversary of the TRC. Here are just a few examples from the last week:

Alex Janvier: Renowned local artist Alex Janvier has been awarded $700 000 commission for his piece “Tsa tsa ke k’e” (Iron Foot Place). The 150 square metre floor mosaic will be installed in

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