“Welcome to Edmonton” #yegcc

What do you think of when you enter our city? What images and ideas might be sparked in returning residents and first time visitors?

I recently brought a notice of motion before Council to put the issue of our city’s entrance signs on the table for discussion. This topic has already sparked some debate among Edmontonians – particularly around potential changes to the “City of Champions” slogan.

To clarify: the issue is not about coining a new slogan – or even about scrapping the old one. We on City Council are aware of, and sensitive to, the feelings of pride, …

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The Emerging Economy: A New Initiative For a New Kind of City #yegcc

At the beginning of this term I took custodianship of a city initiative centered on new business start-ups. After a year of speaking to and working with a diverse array of stakeholders in this area, I experienced a lot of overlap – as well as some significant gaps – in the support offered to fledgling local businesses. Recently Council passed a motion to change the name and direction of this initiative from Startups to the Emerging Economy.

Edmonton is at the event horizon of a new type of economy – one based on original, sustainable, local and regional goods, services, …

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Constituent Update: Terwillegar Footbridge

***The Edmonton Country Club has retained legal counsel regarding the proposed temporary expropriation of a construction easement on their property.  Therefore, there is a limit on information publicly available on this issue.***


Updated: 2014-03-19

 Next Steps


A non-statutory public hearing will be held at City Council’s Executive Committee at 1:30 pm on April 8th to discuss the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Terwillegar Park Footbridge and Recreational Trails, and the Terwillegar Footbridge Site Location Study.  Residents are encouraged to come to the hearing at City Hall, and can register to speak at the hearing as well.  Please …

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Please, Just Go Vote

With only a few days left until the election, the message I want to get out to people is simply this: please go vote.

In the 2010 Edmonton election, voter turn out was 33.4%. It was not very good, though an improvement over prior elections.

Turn out at Edmonton municipal elections lags way behind the provincial and federal elections, where the most recent elections saw voter turn out at around 54%.  Even at that, Canada ranks 14th out of 17 peer countries internationally.

For federal elections, the lowest turn out is among young people, people with less education or those …

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Death and Property Taxes

As this election enters its final days, there is a lot of talk about municipal property taxes.  As certain as death, nobody likes taxes.  Promising to freeze or limit them is, superficially, a popular position to take as people head to the polls.

The city has an annual operating budget for services and programs which by law must be balanced.  After taking into account other revenue sources (licenses, fines, grants, etc.), the vast majority of the revenue side of the City’s budget is made up of property taxes.  That amount is divided by total assessed property values from the year …

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Country Club Footbridge Issue

*Note:  The ‘back ground’ section of this blog is copied from a blog I wrote in August.

I am against the city permanently expropriating the through-road through the Edmonton County Club, period.

Rather than reacting without what I felt was the necessary background information, I have spent the past week gathering as much information as I could about this issue.  The city held private discussions on the construction access to the new proposed footbridge. The city reviewed the option of using the ECC road or the Woodward Crescent Road.  They have not said publicly why the project cannot be built …

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