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Southwest Ribbon of Green: Envisioning the future for River Valley Oleskiw and Big Island #yegcc

Over the last two years, I have worked to champion the cause of the west-end river valley and ravine system. In supporting new projects such as the footbridge and west-end trails development, and pushing for increased accessibility, parking, and staging facilities, the key concern has been to ensure that west-enders can be connected to the river while remaining sensitive to the environmental impact.

On Wednesday, Council approved a motion I put forth to provide limited funding for the Southwest Ribbon of Green plan. In a year of tough budget considerations, I believe it’s also important to look ahead, to …

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To Meat or Not to Meat: A Question of Personal Choice #yegcc

I applaud the Youth Council for their efforts in identifying an area where they feel Council can make a difference. However, I feel that it is a symbolic gesture: high in good intentions and low in impact.

There is some strong research showing that the agricultural livestock has a largely detrimental effect on many aspects of the environment – greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and land degradation, water usage.  When compared to vegan food production, the meat industry uses more energy to produce the same number of calories. There is also a health benefit to increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables …

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