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Southwest Ribbon of Green: Envisioning the future for River Valley Oleskiw and Big Island #yegcc

Over the last two years, I have worked to champion the cause of the west-end river valley and ravine system. In supporting new projects such as the footbridge and west-end trails development, and pushing for increased accessibility, parking, and staging facilities, the key concern has been to ensure that west-enders can be connected to the river while remaining sensitive to the environmental impact.

On Wednesday, Council approved a motion I put forth to provide limited funding for the Southwest Ribbon of Green plan. In a year of tough budget considerations, I believe it’s also important to look ahead, to …

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Speed Up Solutions to Slow Down Short-cutting #yegcc

“For the first years of your life, your parents are trying to teach you to walk and talk. For the rest of your life, they’re trying to get you to sit down and shut up.”


Such is the proverbial wisdom regarding our city’s traffic challenges: we’re either searching for ways to improve the traffic flow – to make travel faster and easier – or we’re trying to slow traffic down.

Short-cutting and calming seem like simplified language to describe such complex dynamics. How can we balance these goals? How can we move people more efficiently from A …

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In the Battle of Edmonton versus Herbicides, do the Dandelions Win? #yegcc

Edmonton’s weed situation has been generating more than just white fluff: it has dovetailed with a long-standing concern by some members of the community over the City’s use of herbicides. While no one should be cavalier about the use of harsh chemicals – especially in public spaces – the City’s current policy and practice on this issue are judicious, cautious, and based on the recommendations of Health Canada.


As scientific knowledge evolves and new information becomes available, Health Canada requires that registered pesticides be re-evaluated according to modern risk assessment approaches.

When re-evaluating a pesticide, Health Canada has access

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Lewis Farms Recreation Centre #yegcc #recthewest

The Design Stage for the new recreation centre is moving forward and through engagement with the community and partners like Edmonton Public Library and Edmonton Catholic Schools, the vision for the site is beginning to take shape.

The initial public consultations on the plans showed support for a multi-purpose recreation centre that could contain aquatic elements, indoor ice amenities, a fitness centre, multi-purpose spaces and gymnasia. An Edmonton Public Library branch and an Edmonton Catholic Schools academic centre are planned to be located with the centre. Outdoor park components will include sports fields, gathering spaces and walkways for the district …

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Wedgewood Surplus School Site: “What We Heard” Report

The City of Edmonton has released its report detailing the feedback it has received through the public engagement process in Wedgewood Heights. The December 2014 open house invited feedback from residents and the community league regarding the proposals for a Seniors’ Housing Complex to be constructed on the vacant school site in the neighbourhood. The report summarizes key themes that arose from the discussion, a summary of the surplus school sites process, as well as relevant maps, tables, and figures.

The full report can be accessed here:

WedgewoodHeightswhatweheardFinalVersion (2)

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Country Club Footbridge Issue

*Note:  The ‘back ground’ section of this blog is copied from a blog I wrote in August.

I am against the city permanently expropriating the through-road through the Edmonton County Club, period.

Rather than reacting without what I felt was the necessary background information, I have spent the past week gathering as much information as I could about this issue.  The city held private discussions on the construction access to the new proposed footbridge. The city reviewed the option of using the ECC road or the Woodward Crescent Road.  They have not said publicly why the project cannot be built …

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