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Vehicle For Hire Update – part deux #yegcc

The issue of private transportation providers (PTPs, or transportation network companies) and the challenges posed to our City’s bylaws and traditional taxi industry, has been under the microscope for nearly a year. Since last December, when app-based multi-national Uber began (illegal) operations in Edmonton, the City has been working with stakeholders on all sides of the issue to resolve concerns over insurance, licensing, and public safety. It has also re-examined the regulatory framework for taxis in order to approach a level playing field between taxis and PTPs.

The draft Vehicle For Hire Bylaw which as resulted from these considerations is …

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Photo Radar, Traffic Safety, and the Automated Enforcement Reserve: How it Works #yegcc


The topic of photo radar is always a heated one: while many people feel the sting of fines, others support the role enforcement plays in making our roads safer. But photo radar isn’t just a punishment for bad driving behaviour – the revenues generated go directly towards traffic safety and community programs through the Traffic Safety and Automated Enforcement Reserve.

The fund, established last year by Council, must have a minimum balance of 5% of actual Automated Enforcement Revenue (the amount generated by tickets and fines).


So if you’ve gotten a ticket, where does the money go?


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Vehicle-For-Hire Bylaw: Proposed Ridesharing Regulations #yegcc


Draft changes to the city’s Vehicle for Hire Bylaw will be presented to Council and the public during a special session of Executive Committee on September 16th.

The changes address some of the trickiest and most significant challenges posed by ridesharing, and seek to modernize the regulations for both ridesharing companies and the taxi industry.

For both the city and the province, the biggest concern with ridesharing has been the “insurance gap”: the grey area between personal and commercial insurance policies. The proposed bylaw stipulates that adequate insurance coverage, as outlined by the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance and the …

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In the Battle of Edmonton versus Herbicides, do the Dandelions Win? #yegcc

Edmonton’s weed situation has been generating more than just white fluff: it has dovetailed with a long-standing concern by some members of the community over the City’s use of herbicides. While no one should be cavalier about the use of harsh chemicals – especially in public spaces – the City’s current policy and practice on this issue are judicious, cautious, and based on the recommendations of Health Canada.


As scientific knowledge evolves and new information becomes available, Health Canada requires that registered pesticides be re-evaluated according to modern risk assessment approaches.

When re-evaluating a pesticide, Health Canada has access

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Country Club Footbridge Issue

*Note:  The ‘back ground’ section of this blog is copied from a blog I wrote in August.

I am against the city permanently expropriating the through-road through the Edmonton County Club, period.

Rather than reacting without what I felt was the necessary background information, I have spent the past week gathering as much information as I could about this issue.  The city held private discussions on the construction access to the new proposed footbridge. The city reviewed the option of using the ECC road or the Woodward Crescent Road.  They have not said publicly why the project cannot be built …

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Lymburn / Callingwood / Thorncliff – Community Policing

We all want to feel safe in our cities.  It is encouraging to read about falling crime rates in Canada, which in 2012 were the lowest in 40 years.  Edmonton, even as it grows, is following this positive trend.  There are a host of factors that may account for falling crime, and high on list among these is increased police connection with the community and focus on prevention.

Ward 5‘s Callingwood South and Lymburn are communities where crime rates and juvenile offenses exceed city averages, but where police/community engagement seems to be working.  Each Edmonton Police Services (EPS) district has …

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