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Please, Just Go Vote

With only a few days left until the election, the message I want to get out to people is simply this: please go vote.

In the 2010 Edmonton election, voter turn out was 33.4%. It was not very good, though an improvement over prior elections.

Turn out at Edmonton municipal elections lags way behind the provincial and federal elections, where the most recent elections saw voter turn out at around 54%.  Even at that, Canada ranks 14th out of 17 peer countries internationally.

For federal elections, the lowest turn out is among young people, people with less education or those …

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What To Expect

I will be posting blogs here on a regular basis on a variety of topics and issues.

I am currently visiting with literally thousands of people in Ward 5 and finding out what their concerns are in the ward and city wide.  I am also collecting issues via my page on my website.  I will then post blogs addressing many of these neighbourhood issues, as well as issues that are broader in scope.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me anytime.  I am here, listening.


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Why? Here’s Why!

Hi! My name is Jim, and I have the title of Campaign Manager on our team. I see myself as something of a servant leader, and here’s why I’m giving my all to the Michael Oshry Campaign.

Have you ever read about purple cow’s? The author Seth Godin talks about them. His point is that in a field of cows, seeing one that really stands out captures your interest enough that you might remark on it. The cow is ‘remarkable’ by definition. It can be something to rally around, and a real differentiator – it’s worth talking about, and …

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